Bachelor of Biosystems Technology Honours [BBST (Hons)]

Faculty of Agriculture & Plantation Management

The Bachelor of Biosystems Technology Honours [BBST (Hons)] degree programme is a 4-year degree programme dedicated to produce graduates with sound theoretical knowledge and rigorous technical skills on the fundamental concepts, practices and technologies relevant to sustainable use of biological production systems and product development in Sri Lanka. Through a well-designed and updated curriculum that covers 124 credits, graduates are enabled to attain a broad competence in agricultural technology, bioenergy, electronics and electrical technology, environmental technology, food technology, natural resources management and sustainability. With modern concepts of teaching and learning, we deliver research-based multidisciplinary knowledge, preparing graduates with adequate expertise and innovativeness to solve complex problems and contribute to innovations, advisory services and decision making in the country and food safety. The research project and comprehensive In-plant training allow our graduates to hone their inherent soft skills and knowledge, facilitating them to fit into the middle and upper level technical and technology management positions in the industrial sector of the country.

For more details of courses and their structure please download the student handbook from the link below.

STUDENT HANDBOOK Academic Year 2020 / 2021