B.Sc. (Plantation Management) External DegreeĀ 

Faculty of Agriculture & Plantation Management


The three year B.Sc. (Plantation Management) degree program was first introduced in 2006 and had 120 credits. In 2013 from the 9th intake, the curriculum was revised by introducing new subjects and reducing the number of credits from 120 to 93.

The degree program has been designed for senior and middle level managers, executives, technical officers in the plantation related sectors targetingĀ  the officers from plantation management companies, Tea Small Holder Development Authority, Rubber Development Authority, Sri Lanka Tea board, Coconut Cultivation Boards, Crop research institute (CRI,RRI,TRI &SRI) Department of Export Agriculture, Department of Export Agriculture, Department of animal Production & Health, National Livestock Development Board, Banks and the other relevant institutions in the country.

All recruits to the degree program should have substantial level of working experience in their field of specialization.

Program structure and mode of instruction

The program is of three (03) year duration with six semesters. Medium of instruction is English and distance mode education will be used providing printed learning materials.

The resource panel is comprised of senior academic staff and researchers working in different institutions.

Intended outcomes

  • To conduct course to achieve the general objective of the faculty to produce innovative skilled manpower for the plantation sector through undergraduate education.
  • To provide opportunities for managerial, executive and technical level employees of the plantation sector to improve and develop technical and managerial skills in the plantation management by
    • Offering theoretical and practical knowledge in advance with the B.Sc (Plantation Management) degree course of the faculty,
    • Arranging practical classes, expose students to laboratory techniques and instrument handling,
    • Arranging visits to relevant organizations to gain knowledge in practical applications of relevant study areas.
  • To provide a high degree of scientific background in advanced plantation and plantation technology and aspects of management.
  • To help plantation managers and executives to identify global changes with regard to technology, extent environment, tendency of market for plantation crops, consumer behavior.