Agribusiness Management

DABM was established on 1996 as an academic department in the FAPM with the intention of providing a quality education, capable of meeting the career aspirations of graduates and the needs of the local employers. 

Horticulture and Landscape Gardening

DHLG in general, encompasses the growing of fruits, vegetables for food production and flower and foliage plants to beautify the environment. 

Biosystems Engineering

With the rapid economic advancement, the country needs graduates with sound theoretical and practical knowledge and also with rigorous technical skills in environmental and biological systems.

Plantation Management

DPM is to provide the graduate with scientific knowledge and practical know-how in agronomic and manufacturing processes in plantation agriculture and inculcate managerial skills and confidence in decision making with respect to resource allocation in plantations.


Biotechnology is a broad discipline on technologies based on biology that improve human lives and health of the environment

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