Department of Plantation Management


The Department of Plantation Management is dedicated to building up the student cohort who can safeguard one of the key economic sectors in Sri Lanka, comprised of plantation crops, in a sustainable manner. Also, we are committed to upgrading and exploring cutting-edge technologies in the Plantation sector to ensure production and processing efficiency to meet both national and global demands.

The main interest of our department is aligned with the agronomy, processing and value addition of plantation crops and related plantation systems. To account for sustainability aspects in these systems, we are accommodating the disciplines, including Resource Management, Certification and Quality Management, Forest and Ecosystem Management, and Eco-verification schemes such as carbon accounting to give well-balanced knowledge to future decision-makers in our country.

Our well-recognized academic staff members are passionate researchers and able to thrive up our department with their deep expertise across multiple disciplines.

Engage with us to broaden your knowledge and real-world experience in this world-class agriculture education.

Feel free to study the academic program offered by the Department of Plantation Management.

Head’s Message

Dr. (Mrs) WAS Lakmali,
Department of Plantation Management

The Department of Plantation Management provides a conducive environment for our undergraduates and postgraduate students to upgrade their knowledge extensively to manage plantations and related industries, including tea, rubber, coconut, minor plantation crops, spices, mixed farming systems, and forest integrated systems.

We are partnering with the global-scale plantation industries, research institutes, alumni community and consultation bodies to tighten our linkages and connections to benefit our active student cohort in the Department of Plantation Management.

Engaging the Department of Plantation Management will open up great opportunities for your future career as a Manager, Researcher, Entrepreneur or Plantation Developer, as it commits to delivering a wide range of knowledge, hands-on skills and practical know-how, cutting-edge technologies that may require next-level professional engagements in Sri Lanka and elsewhere in the world.

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