Research Activities

Department of Biosystems engineering – FAPM

The Department of Biosystems Engineering aims to provide valuable contributions to several major research aspects in the field of biosystems technology in Sri Lanka. The broad research areas of the department includes engineering technology, food technology, agriculture and environmental science, with special emphasis on different research interests such as antioxidant activity in different kind of cereals post-harvest preservation techniques, innovative techniques in food industry, precision farming techniques, production system optimization, Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and remote sensing, climate change risk assessment and environmental monitoring and impact assessment.

On-going research projects at our department are,

  1. Identification and Mapping of Medically Important Vector Mosquitoes in Kegalla and Kurunegala Districts of Sri Lanka (Mr. N.W.B.A.L. Udayanga)
  2. Nitrate and Chloride based Risk Mapping of Ground water in Kalpitiya, Mannar (Mr. N.W.B.A.L. Udayanga)
  3. An Integrated Approach to Improve the Socio-Economic & Environmental Sustainability of Intensive Agricultural Systems with Special Reference to Kalpitiya Peninsula