Outreach Activities

Department of Biosystems engineering – FAPM

The Department of Biosystems Engineering intends to disseminate knowledge and popularize biosystems technology among different audiences within and beyond the university community, through outreach activities. Further, we aim to enhance the bond between the university and other stakeholders such as industrialists, entrepreneurs, government entities and common public to showcase the potential of biosystems technology related disciplines. In addition, the staff members and undergraduates of the department seek to engage in community service activities to fulfil social responsibility requirements.

With above objectives, a variety of routine events are being organized with the active participation of undergraduates through the Biosystems Technology Society.

Outreach activities that we regularly offer include,

  • Seminars and guest lectures on biosystems technology related disciplines by recognized experts at the university
  • Demonstrations, seminars and workshops on biosystems technology for schools upon request, under “Shilpa Yathra”
  • Laboratory learning sessions for school students at all ages in the biotechnology laboratory or at schools upon request
  • Providing expertise through exhibition stalls, science popularization seminars, guest lectures, teacher training and media publications
  • Voluntary participation for “Gammedda” Programme organized by the Sirasa TV
  • Soft drink distributions (Dansals)