Department of Biotechnology – FAPM

Department of Biotechnology started to offer postgraduate degrees (by research only) in 2010. Up to date, seven postgraduate students have enrolled and already a PhD and two MPhil students have successfully completed the degrees. The postgraduate students usually join as research assistants of funded research grants e.g. NRC, NSF, CARP of academic staff where a monthly stipend is available. Several research opportunities without a stipend are also frequently available. The research assistant opportunities are called on time. Prospective postgraduate students should contact the Head of the department or respective academic staff members for further information. 

Student Name

Project Title




Dr. DR Gimhani – PhD

Identification of salinity tolerant QTLs in Elite rice background

Prof. NS Kottearachchi

Ms. BA Dhanayaka – MPhil

Molecular Mapping of Quantitative Trait Loci Associated with Salinity Tolerance Using a RIL Population of Rice

Prof. NS Kottearachchi

Ms. DBRS Menike – MPhil

In-vitro Propagation and Induction of Micro Rhizomes of Ginger (Zingiber  officinale Rosc)

Prof. NS Kottearachchi

Ms. MP Dassanayaka – MPhil



Isolation and Identification of Phenol Degrading Bacteria from Petroleum Contaminated Sites in Sri Lanka and Characterization of their Catabolic Genes

Dr. KVivehananthan

Dr. GHCM Hettiarachchi

Dr. (Mrs.) DR Gimhani




Ms. BP Abhayawickrama – PhD

QTL Map Based Candidate Gene Discovery for Salt Tolerance in Rice

Prof. NS Kottearachchi

Dr. (Mrs.) DR Gimhani


Ms. RWPM Rajapaksha – PhD

Development of Molecular Technology for the Detection of Quarantine Important Microbial Pathogen in Imported Seed Potato

Prof. D.P.S.T.G. Attanayaka

Dr. (Mrs.) K Vivehananthan

Prof. Dennis Mc Nevin


Ms.  DMS Dissanayaka

Expression and Characterization of alpha amylase Genes from Geotrichum candidum in E.coli

Dr. SNT De Silva

Prof. DPSTG Attanayaka