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Agricultural Research Symposium (AGRES)

Agriculture Research Symposium (AGRES) is a forum for our undergraduates to present the findings of the research project done by them to an audience including scientific and industrial personnel. In this year, it is organized for the 18th consecutive year in 2019. The research project is conducted by the students in the 4th year of the degree program and its covers 10 credits as a partial fulfilment of the degree. AGRES provides opportunity for students to learn about the way of conducting a scientific research, writing a scientific research paper and presenting in a scientific forum in front of such a gathering. Organizing such a scientific event, is a challenge. Therefore, students learn how to plan, organize, lead and control/manage such activities in better way. And also this event opens a path for the students to improve many skills such as team work, interpersonal skills, time management, financial handling, problem solving and creative thinking as well. For this year, the AGRES has been planned to be held on 07th January 2020 for its 18th year.


Biosystems Technology Research Symposium

The Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management is constantly driven to bridge timely technological gaps in the domains of agricultural technology, bioenergy, electronics and electrical technology, environmental technology, food technology, natural resources management, and sustainability. To this end, the Faculty recognizes the importance of providing a much-required platform for its undergraduates to showcase their final-year project outcomes. As a firm believer in the practical implementation of theoretical research, the Faculty has organized the “Biosystems Technology Research Symposium- 2023” on 10th February 2023 at the Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka. As an extension of our well-recognized work, the Faculty organizes an exhibition titled “Bio-Systems Technology Exhibition (B-TEx) – 2023” to showcase the innovations of the undergraduate projects. This event, therefore, expects to,

  • Motivate the undergraduates toward translational research,
  • Raise awareness of the Bio-Systems Engineering degree program, and
  • Seek funding opportunities for noteworthy products.



Applied Bio-Systems Technology

Applied Bio-Systems Technology journal is published by the Department of Biosystems Engineering of the Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management.  It is a peer-reviewed, Open Access journal that publishes original research articles, review articles, and research notes, twice a year. The major disciplines covered by Applied Biosystems Technology includes (but not limited to), agricultural technology, applied biology, biotechnology, engineering technology, environmental technology, food technology and sustainability.


Applied Economics and Business

Applied Economics and Business journal is published by the Department of Agribusiness Management of the Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management. It is published twice a year, in June, and December. Applied Economics and Business covers a wide range of disciplines, including: Applied Economics, Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Applied Econometrics, International Trade and Business, Business Management, Development Economics, Environmental and Resource Economics, Industrial Organizations, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Social sciences

Journal of Food and Agriculture 

Journal of Food and Agriculture is a half yearly publication by the Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management and Faculty of Livestock fisheries and Nutrition of the Wayamba University of Sri Lanka which provides a valuable forum for scientists endeavoring in research and development aspects in agriculture, food and nutrition. Full text articles available.

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