Outreach Activities

Department of Biotechnology – FAPM

Outreach programs of the Department of Biotechnology aims to disseminate knowledge and popularize biotechnology among audiences within and beyond the university community. The Department is highly committed to offer many outreach activities for schools to showcase the capacity of biotechnology for improving our lives. The events are organized at the department or at schools upon requests. The department is keen to provide hands-on experience to prospective students and age appropriate laboratory experiments are planned for younger students. These events are mostly organized via the Biotechnology Society of Waymba University of Sri Lanka (BitSoc) where both students and staff are actively engaged. Annually a “Biotechnology Day” is organized to showcase the department to the university community. Activities and news of the society and the department are biannually published via e-circulated BitSoc Newsletter.

Outreach activities that we regularly offer include:

  • Seminars and guest lectures on biotechnology related topics by recognized experts in the field as “BitSoc Annual Seminar”
  • Demonstrations and workshops in collaboration with biotechnology related industries during “Biotechnology Day”
  • Laboratory learning sessions for school students at all ages in the biotechnology laboratory or at schools upon request
  • Providing expertise through exhibition stalls, science popularization seminars, guest lectures, teacher training and media publications.

Few outreach activities organized by the Department in 2017 and 2018 are;

  • “Spectra” Science Exhibition 2018 at the Gateway Collage Read more
  • Exhibition Stall at Wickramashila Madhya Maha Vidyalaya, Giriulla Read more 
  • Laboratory Cleaning Day – 2018 Read more