Department of Biotechnology – FAPM

The department contributes to several major research works in the field of biotechnology in Sri Lanka, e.g.  Salt tolerant QTLs and candidate genes of rice, cloning and genetic engineering of rubber elongation factor (ref) gene, alpha – amylase production by Geotrichum candidum, bioremediation of wastewater and cyanobacteria based bio fertilizer for rice.

On-going research projects in our department are,

  1. QTL map based candidate gene discovery for salt tolerance in rice (Oryza sativa) – (Prof. NS Kottearachchi, Dr. DR Gimhani and Ms. BA Abhayawickrama)
  1. Molecular Identification of Phenol Degrading Bacteria from Oil Contaminated Wastwater in Sri Lanka and Characterization of Phenol Catabolic Genes – (Ms. MP Dassanayaka and Dr. K. Vivehananthan)
  1. Development of Cyanobacteria based nitrogen bio fertilizer for paddy cultivation in Sri Lanka – (Dr. BLWK Balasooriya in collaboration with the University of Peradeniya)
  1. Expression and characterization of alpha amylase genes from Geotrichum candidum in E. coli – (Prof.  DPSTG Attanayaka, Dr. SNT De Silva and DMS Dissanayaka in collaboration with the Faculty of Applied Sciences, Wayamba University of Sri Lanka)