Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC)

Faculty of Agriculture & Plantation Management

Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) – Wayamba University of Sri Lanka

The Quality Assurance and Accreditation Council (QAAC) of the University Grants Commission is the governing body for maintaining and enhancing academic standards in the Universities of Sri Lanka. Wayamba University of Sri Lanka has established a Faculty Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC) to co-ordinate quality assurance activities within the university. The IQAU was established in 2002 and revitalized in 2015 with guidelines given by the UGC. The IQAU is placed directly under the purview of the Vice Chancellor and managed by Director/ IQAU through a Management Committee. All faculties have a Faculty Internal Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC), which coordinates quality assurance activities for improvement in the overall performance of the faculty in liaison with the IQAU. Academic Quality Enhancement Framework (AQEF) of Wayamba University of Sri Lanka formulated by the Internal Quality Assurance Unit (IQAU) describes in detail the main policies, procedures and guidance relating to quality assurance and academic standards relevant to Teaching and Learning in all faculties and units or centers.

Faculty Internal Quality Assurance Cell (FQAC)

FQAC of the Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation management established in 2012, comprises of a committee of academic staff members lead by a Coordinator under the purview of Dean of the faculty. FQAC regularly plans and monitors quality assurance activities and give guidance on good practices among staff and students of the faculty in liaison with other related units and committees within the Faculty such as Curriculum and Academic Development Committee and Teaching and Learning Committee. Coordinator, FQAC regularly reports to the Faculty Board on the quality assurance activities.