Degree Program

Department of Biosystems engineering – FAPM

The Department of Biosystems engineering aims to produce graduates with sound theoretical and practical knowledge and also with rigorous technical skills in environmental and biological systems. At the Department of Biosystems Engineering we explore interactions between soil, plants, animals, environment, climate and humans in systems for sustainable production of food and renewable raw materials. Our teaching and research deal with questions about sustainable and efficient use of limited resources for production in agriculture and combine detailed studies in biology and technology of production systems with systems analyses and cross-disciplinary syntheses. The Department has a broad competence in agricultural and horticultural crop science, bio-energy, technology, animal welfare, resource use efficiency, environmental impact and food safety. We deliver research-based knowledge in teaching at basic and advanced levels and through collaboration with society, and contribute thereby to innovations, advisory services and decision making for solving complex problems.

The duration of the “Biosystems Technology” (BST) degree program is 4 academic years. The first-year course units are devoted to teach basic theory and principles of core requirements in mathematics, physical and life sciences, humanities, social sciences, communication, information technology and management etc. In the second year, those specialized areas of study will be offered by each of the five departments which will continue through the third and final (i.e. fourth) year. All these courses are compulsory to follow by all students.

All students are required to carry out an individual “Research Project” in Year 4, while they provided with an opportunity to obtain real world experience in the form of an “In-Plant Training” by working in a challenging and stimulating environment in private and public sector organizations related to biosystems technology.

 In order to qualify for the award of the degree, students are required to earn a total of 126 Credits which contributes to final grade (GPA course units) and successful completion of all the courses which are not contributed to the final grade (Non-GPA course units). The comprehensive breakdown of course units is linked below.

Curriculum BST