Outreach Activities

Department of Horticulture & Landscape Gardening – FAPM

The academic staff of the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Gardening has rendered its service as resource personnel in numerous outreach activities.

Teacher Training

  • Workshop on ‘Bio-system Technology’ for the GCE (A/L) teachers attached to the Mahawa educational zone (27th July 2015)
  • Workshop on ‘Agriculture’for the GCE (A/L) teachers attached to the Nikaweratiyaeducational zone (16th July 2015)
  • Practical session on the development of the school garden at Mihindu Primary School, Dankotuwa(15th May 2015)
  • Resource person & coordinator: Training programme for the GCE (A/L) Bio-system Technology students attached to Kekunagolla Central College, Giriulla(12th March 2015)
  • Training session on ‘Landscaping the School Premises’ forthe teachers ofWickramashilaMahaVidyalaya, Giriulla (12th November 2015)
  • Agricultural teacher training program targeting 25 school teachers – Food science session (2015)
  • Resource person: Teacher Training Programmes conducted by NIE for A/L teachers on the new Bio-systems Technology stream (2015)
  • Workshop on ‘Commercial Floriculture and Landscaping’ for Advance level Agro-technology teachers under the bio-system engineering subject, Wayamba Province (11-12th August 2014)
  • Workshop on ‘Management of School Environment’ conducted for newly appointed principals of North Western Province,organized by the Zonal Education office, Hingurakgoda (28th November 2014)
  • Two-day workshop on ‘Landscape Gardening and Floriculture’ organized by the provincial education department, Kurunagala targeting school teachers-Cut flower session (2014)
  • Workshop on ‘Landscaping’ for teacher trainees and academic staff members at Sariputta National College of Education, Dambadeniya(September 2013)

Farmer Training and Related Programs

  • Session on orchid cultivation and tissue culture techniques to farmers organized by the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Gardening, Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management, WUSL, Makandura (2nd June 2016)
  • Problem study for ginger farmers at Dambadeniya, Kurunagala district in collaboration with PODIE (Peoples Organization for Development Imports and Export), Negombo.(8th January 2016)
  • Awareness and farmer study on Pesticide Usage Efficiency of Rice farmers in Wellpalla Division in collaboration with “WelpallaGovijanaSewa”, Welpalla Division Kurunegala District (17th March 2015)
  • Training programme to develop horticultural skills of the employers of Club Hotel Dolphin, Waikkal, Negambo (2014)
  • Training programme on ‘Healthy Life Style through Home Gardening’ for health workers at Sri Lanka Medical Council (2009)

Resource personnel in seminars and workshops

  • Workshop on “Bottle Garden and Bonsai Technique” at the Faculty of Applied Science, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka (19th December 2015)
  • Workshop on ‘Hydrophonics’ on invitation by the Gateway College, Negombo Objective – to provide innovative ideas and skills among the advanced level students (4th August 2015)
  • Workshop conducted by the QIG grant under HETC project, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Rajarata University of Sri Lanka. Title: Bottle Gardening (19th November 2015).
  • Workshop on ‘Home Gardening for Every One’ collaboratively with SLAAS section E -2013/2014
  • Workshop on ‘Art and Science in Landscaping’ organized by the Section D of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science at University of Ruhuna, Matara (19th October 2012)
  • Workshop on ‘Stress Management’ for better performance at your workplace under the title ‘Relieving stress through Horticulture’ organized by the National Science and Technology Commission in Collaboration with Section A of the Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science (19th October 2012)
  • Workshop on ‘Home Gardening for Healthy Life’ for health promoting volunteers, collaboratively with SLAAS section E (2012)
  • Lecture on ‘Landscaping a Home Garden’ commemoration of the International Women’s Day at Udubaddawa and Bingiriya, Sri Lanka, organized by the Sri Lanka Export Development Board (5-6th of March 2011)
  • Workshop on ‘Landscaping and Gardening’
  • Workshop to popularize landscaping as a self-employment for rural women in the Bingiriya and Kuliyapitiya electorates, organized by the Bingiriya Development Foundation (2011)
  • Workshop on ‘Nature Gardening’ organized by the Biodiversity secretariat, Ministry of Environment together with field ornithology group of Sri Lanka of the University of Colombo at Subodhi Institute of Integral Education, Piliyandala (14-16th December 2010)
  • Workshop on ‘Biodiversity, Development and Poverty Alleviation’ to commemorate International Biodiversity Day (22nd May 2010)