The annual “Meththabhiwandana”-2021 Vesak Bhakthi Geetha Programme was successfully conducted on 26th May, 2021 organized by the Faculty Students’ Union joining hands with the Art Circle and Buddhist Society of Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management (FAPM) of Wayamba University Sri Lanka (WUSL).

This year the event was conducted virtually due to the COVID pandemic situation, broadcasting over the online platform across borders to a larger global audience. Although, it was a new experience for the students apart from the usual event with the “Dansala” and “Vesak lantern” competition with the physical participation of everyone at university, the virtual event amplified students’ talents, skills, creativity and participation than ever before.

The organizing team would like offer their special thanks to Prof. J.C. Edirisinghe/Dean of the Faculty, Dr. K.H Sarananda/Chief-Guest and the Senior Treasurer of the FAPM Students’ Union, academic and non-academic staff members, and fellow students for contributing to make this event memorable.  

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