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Advanced Certifiacte in Plant Tissue Culture

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Plant Tissue culture is an important tool for both basic and applied aspects of plant biotechnology as well as its commercial applications. As a set of techniques widely known for the production of large numbers of genetically identical plantlets, this technology exhibits several advantages over conventional propagation techniques. All techniques are skill-based and upon systematic learning, can equip a person to effectively utilize the techniques in various areas like basic research, environmental issues, and commercial applications. It is a valuable tool for research on morphogenesis, cell signaling, physiology, and molecular biology, as well as crop improvement by biotechnology.

This short course offers comprehensive hands-on training for learning the basics with an insight into laboratory practices along with exposure to “lab-to-land” transfers. The course will be a value-added course for advanced level (A/L) science stream school teachers and technical college instructors; entrepreneurs who wish to establish their own labs; researchers in plant tissue culture focusing on commercial applications such as micropropagation, crop improvement, secondary metabolite production, etc. There is a big potential to develop this sector into a widespread income-generating business that provides more employment opportunities to the community.

The Objective of the Course:

The course aims to provide basic and applied training in plant tissue culture to develop skills for a successful career in entrepreneurship, generate technically trained human resources for tissue culture industries, and as instructors in schools and technical colleges.

Target Group:

Anybody who seeks to acquire fundamental, but essential, knowledge and improve hands-on skills in this specific field of learning.

Duration of the Course:

The 10-week course includes 90 direct learning hours characterized by 30 online theory hours and 60 practical hours.

  • Contact hours on Wednesday evenings (5.00 – 8.00 m.) and Saturdays (9.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m.)

Course Fee:

Rs. 35,500.00 (Full payment should be paid upon registration)

Course Delivery Method:

Online and laboratory-based (At the Tissue Culture Laboratory, Department of Biotechnology, Faculty of Agriculture and Plantation Management, Makandura, Gonawila)

Entry Qualification:

Five passes in one sitting of G.C.E. Ordinary Level (O/L) or a minimum of 01-year working experience in a related field.