Programme Structure:

The AC-PTC covers the following areas which are compacted into a 10-week in duration and be offered in blended form (i.e. both online and laboratory-based).


Code Course Unit Theory
(contact hours)
(contact hours)
AC-PTC1 Introduction to Plant Tissue Culture 03 02
AC-PTC2 Plant Growth and Mineral Nutrition 03 02
AC-PTC3 Plant Growth Regulators and Sensory System 04 02
AC-PTC4 Plant Tissue Culture Laboratory Organization 06 06
AC-PTC5 Plant Tissue Culture Environment 06 06
AC-PTC6 Micropropagation 06 40
AC-PTC7 Venture Creation in Tissue Culture Business  04 02
Total at the End of the Course 30 60


Intended Learning Outcomes (ILOs):

The learner, upon completion of this 90-hour theory and practical-based program of learning, would be able to:

  • Design (paper-based) a plant tissue culture laboratory emphasizing low-cost options to minimize the cost
  • Formulate media with different plant growth regulator combinations and demonstrate the procedure of media preparation
  • Establish in vitro cultures of selected herbaceous plants, multiply them aseptically, and acclimatize for mass production of planting materials, and production programming
  • Develop a plant tissue culture-based business proposal

Program Assessment:

Advanced Certificate in Plant Tissue Culture will be awarded to those who have successfully completed the in-class practical assessment (20%), online theory assessment (20%), group presentation (30%), and attendance to online/ onsite lectures and practical (30%).